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Discover a diverse team of fitness experts dedicated to transforming your health and well-being. Whether you're seeking holistic wellness, women's empowerment, strength and conditioning, body transformation, or specialized training, our trainers are here to guide you. Choose your path to a healthier, stronger you with Becca, Lucia, Paule, Ben, Norman and Gus.


Meet Paul, a dedicated fitness professional with a passion for wellness. He takes a holistic approach to coaching, addressing movement, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and lifestyle choices to help you achieve your fitness goals and excel in life.


Lucia, your fitness ally on the journey to unlocking your highest capabilities. She believes in empowering individuals to build consistent habits, fostering personal growth and reaching their fitness aspirations. Join Lucia today and embark on a transformative journey towards your best self.


Ben is a highly skilled fitness coach from Australia with over a decade of personal training and body building experience. He specialises in body transformations, muscle building, fat loss, and strength training. Ben offers personalised workouts and meal plans for visible results.


Gus is an experienced Personal Trainer and Athlete Male Physique competitor, with over 4 years of expertise in the gym industry. He is dedicated to helping clients achieve their fitness goals and adopts a personalized approach with custom exercise programs and diet plans.


Norman has a passionate advocate for holistic well-being, whose journey seamlessly integrates yoga, therapy, and fitness. Armed with a 500-hour yoga certification and a mastery of NeuroKinetic Therapy and manual therapy, Norman offers a distinctive and comprehensive expertise to support your health and wellness goals.


Simon, a martial arts world champion and ABA qualified boxing coach. With a 2000 US Open ABA Boxing Championship title and experience representing the English boxing team, Simon is your expert coach for boxing success.


Introducing Zaya, hailing from Mongolia. Her journey battling chronic lower back pain led her to discover the remarkable efficacy of Pilates. Witnessing its profound impact on her own well-being ignited a passion within her to share its benefits with others.


Polina, with over 8 years of dedicated yoga practice, embodies the essence of an experienced yogi. Her journey has imbued her with profound insights into anatomy and physiology, which she gracefully imparts to her students.


Coach Hannah, an Elevate Coach specialising in hypertrophy training, boasts over a decade of diverse training experience. Transitioning from a cardio enthusiast to a strength training advocate, she has honed her expertise in functional fitness and weightlifting, with a particular focus on empowering women to embrace strength.