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About Polina

Polina, with over 8 years of dedicated yoga practice, embodies the essence of an experienced yogi. Her journey has imbued her with profound insights into anatomy and physiology, which she gracefully imparts to her students.

Personalised Approach

Polina's teaching style is characterised by a gentle approach, tailored to each individual's needs. She seamlessly integrates conscious breathing with movement, guiding her class towards aligning their spiritual essence with the present moment.

Professional Accomplishment

Through her dedication and expertise, Polina has cultivated a thriving yoga community. Her commitment to fostering meditation within her practice has brought fulfilment not only to herself but also to her students, who find solace and growth in her classes.

Transformative Result

Polina advocates for the power of intentional movement. By intertwining breath with posture, she facilitates a journey of self-discovery and mindfulness for her students, inviting them to delve deeper into their own beings.

Strength & Flexibility 

In Polina's class, strength, flexibility, and balance are not just physical attributes but also manifestations of inner harmony. Through her guidance, students not only enhance their physical capabilities but also cultivate a sense of inner resilience and balance that extends beyond the yoga mat.